About Us

We are a new part of a global outsourced sales and marketing group just established in March 2012. We are operating in over 23 countries across the globe and we are further expanding in Asia ; countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore etc. A dynamic and fast-growing company, we provide quality sales solutions for our clients in Telecommunication and banking sectors.

One of our core services currently involves expanding businesses for the banking and finance sector, which have seen tremendous spikes in revenue in recent years. We have also improved the marketing standing and image of our partners in telecommunications by adopting best practices in sales, and patient sincerity in our customer service.

Professional integrity is the key to our success. We make our clients trust us by being honest. We promise to deliver what we can, and deliver what we promised. We have just entered into a new partnership with a well known MNC in the Banking and Finance sector, and so far, it looks very promising.