The Excellent Sales Job

Finding the right sales job means the difference between a great life and a life of job hopping. With that much difference at stake, the right company needs to have the right mix of everything, much like the cosmic balance that enables us to live on a very special rock called Earth.


1. Good people


People are the environment. People stay or leave based very much on the environment.


Having good people means having an answer when you have a problem, having motivated people to work with you in a team, having people to succeed with you and watch you succeed. These really mean a lot to people; most people feel they are really working alone even when they are in a very big group.


An excellent sales team with great experience to share, a friendly and dedicated Human Resource team to help you in compensation, a warm and competent management team to guide you to success, a hardworking backend support to help you clear the relevant paperwork.


These make up the reason why you feel tired when you have to wake up and work. Or why you feel energized fresh out of bed, excited for work.


2. Good products


All good products have their own Unique Selling Points (USP). Because all products in the world have so many different functions, it is hard to come up with any vague description of what a “good product” is like. But generally it should be something that adds value to your life, so much that you keep coming back to it, and even recommending it to your friends. That is what makes a product easy to sell.


3. Good support


Sometimes sales come with its bureaucratic processes enforced by government agencies, and it would be hard to cope with these when you are having good sales. Therefore you need a backend support team to handle them. A good team frees you from worry, so you have the time to do the needful.


A good support also means that the company is financially robust and can give you quality logistics for your everyday operations.


4. Good income


People who are looking for a sales job have higher expectations for income, and most companies can afford that income. For some, like ours, we pay proportionately larger commissions for high flyers to keep up the good work. Most sales job pay by the week, which further motivates people to perform at their very best.


5. Good upward potential


Find out how high you can climb in the company if you were willing to work hard. There are some sales jobs that offer only a 2 stage promotion that ends in being a manager without a significant increase in commission rate.  That will not work out for you in the long term.


A good sales job must have a passive income component when you hit an advanced stage. If not, what’s the point of the consistent hard work?