The Management Job

The management role is a most fulfilling job that requires a lot of input and hard work. We have probably seen a lot of people that are not worthy of their management job in our working lives, and some of us have seen that management by means of sheer appointment does not last long. Bad managers are fired because they cause strain on both the company’s revenue and the working environment.


A good manager is one that knows the feelings of those below him, understand their concerns, and know their jobs. He must know fully the knowledge required of the jobs below his, so that he may be a source of solutions when his people has problems. A good manager is also approachable and friendly, inspiring people to work instead of scaring them. He must also be able to guide his team towards greater heights, each step of the way.


Here are some of the relevant qualities that a manager must embody.


1. Do your core competencies well.


Would you like a sales manager who is bad in sales to teach you about sales?


Where the role is similar, the manager must, by definition, be above average in the core competencies. Therefore, he must have expertise in delivering the results, to be able to share the experience, and duplicate success.  Otherwise, it is impossible to command respect.


2. Leadership by example


Talking is easy. Doing is harder, and the people below must know whether the manager is more competent than just giving verbal advice.


The manager has to be in the activities where necessary. While he does not always need to perform the best everyday, he has to show that he has competencies to some extent. 


3.  Strict when necessary, lenient when you need to.


A slave-driver whole-year-round often has high-salary teams who do not like him. When performance is not up to par, you need to find out where is wrong. If it happens to be an emotional aspect, you have to be understanding and give due time for the person to recover. It is terrible to push people when they are carrying an emotional baggage.


A good manager has to be a friend to the people he works with. Although he is strict most of the time, he can be lenient when it matters.


4. Relating to people, and really caring


Sincerity goes the long way, even in the working environment. Most people do not realize that company loyalty is mostly a function of how much the staff trusts their managers. Trust had to come from respect and comfort, as a result of an authentic, honest, caring manager.


5. Be available when you need to

Phone calls come with being a person who is a source of knowledge and inspiration. This means that sometimes you have to be available off work too.


And at work, a good manager does not turn down any requests for his audience unless he has absolutely no time for them. Any person who has a concern is an immediate concern for the worthy manager, despite the complexities of his job.