The Past Does Not Equate The Future

“Damn, I have not done well”, I said.


“Me too, only 2 sales now. What have you left?” Andy asked.


“3 hours. What have you left?”


“My faith”.


Every second that has passed could only potentially leave a fragment of memory. Every second that presents itself now could potentially make history. Only 3 hours left in today’s roadshow, and no one has done well, not even close.  What we have now are the logistics, 4 exhausted salespersons, and a dwindling moving crowd. But Andy still has optimism. Optimism that does not make sense to me.


Reluctantly we push ourselves to approach more people. Not Andy. He still has a spring to his steps, a strong voice, and a nice friendly smile. It has been a long, fruitless day in general and it is amazing to see someone work like the day has just started. 


With his encouragement, I went to talk to more people. Only feedback and chit-chat, no sales. The same fate goes for my colleagues.


Andy was sitting down with a prospect, explaining the terms and filling up the form. I was not exactly sure when he approached that prospect. But he had a new sale.


I went to take to even more people. More feedback, more chit-chat, and still no sales.


And Andy was sitting down again with a different person. I was surprised.  Wait, when did that happen? Was I sleepwalking?


He did not celebrate after each sale; in fact, just as soon as he had done the sales, he went to approach more people. I observed as I could not figure out our differences. I wondered if he happened to approach people who were more receptive.


At the end of the day, I was curious. I needed to know why he did well in the last 3 hours.


“Enthusiasm is contagious”.


And that was it. While the rest of us allowed the earlier part of the day to burn us out emotionally, he went from approach to approach without losing enthusiasm. And the prospects could sense that energy and be infected by it. And he closed more sales in those 3 hours than the rest of us combined for the whole day. It was impressive.


What happened does not matter already. What happens next is within our control. Every moment is a new one.


The past does not equate the future.