What’s in a bad job?

If you, like me, have been working around for a couple of years, you would have realized that a lot of companies don’t think much of employees. At least the ones who were just starting out or have been around for just a few years. Unsatisfactory compensation is just one aspect of a bad company, and even in good companies, some job positions have undesirable packages.


1. Low Salary


If you are above the age of 21, don’t look for a pay less than $1500 because you clearly need something better than that. It is one thing about just having enough to survive; it is another to move towards a better tomorrow. 


Some companies, including MNCs, do give out low amount of pay to people who are young, energetic and hardworking. These people clearly deserve a better pay. And a better company.


2. Benefits? What benefits?


What would you think if you are currently on probation and is given $1400 monthly, and then after your 6 months probation, I give you another $100?


How is that for a perk? It sounds stupid but it exists. Whether you went the Junior College path or the polytechnic path, you did not study 12-13 years just for this kind of treatment. Typically in such companies, they do not talk about promotions. It is not in the contract, and the manager never talks about it too. Because for that position, there are no such things. And thus we come to…


3. Upwards potential


In good companies, an executive can go on to become a manager. In bad ones, an executive is an executive and a manager is a manager.


Upward potential is necessary. You need to know that the company can afford to pay you better when you take on greater responsibilities, and that you would not be doing the same things for the next 10 years. Dong the same boring things over and over is not a career!



4. The environment


For some people, this one included, the environment is the most important element.  In a bad job, you will have some of these


The super slacker. You have to help carry her weight, on top of your own, because you work in a team and if you don’t help, your own time is at stake. The boss won’t let you go off on time if the things that need to be done are still undone.


The whole-year-round mood swing person. Have you ever met a coworker and then you feel as if there are dark clouds raining on her every single day you see her?  Or if someone keeps on yelling every now and then? Did you know that noise pollution can kill rats? We humans are not that weak, but it is bound to have an effect on us.


The backstabber. You know you have stepped on her toes when the manager suddenly calls you in for no apparent reason.


5. The manager


It is vital to have a good working relationship with a good person as your manager. Some people do not appreciate your efforts, and worse people steal your credit. A good manager is one who rewards you have you have done well, and guide you along when you have made mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in a new job. It is therefore important for a manager to be emotionally intelligent and forgiving. You need someone who can laugh with you when you are having a good time, and who can listen to your problems when you are coping badly.


On the other hand, a bad manager can definitely feel like you have somehow offended the heavens, and thus receive divine punishment. In the form of that manager.